im joining a summer camp for kids who lost their parents and i am excited but scared


Getting the band back together again. #Goldengods #Revolver - @piercetheveilofficial


hot emo dads interacting

“I’ve seen many beautiful female fans. All of our female fans are beautiful because every female has something about them that makes them beautiful in their own way. Every single one of them.” -Jack Barakat


dogs aren’t too complicated but they think they are comics


i was born in the right decade. the decade of the selfie and googling the answers to hard problems.

❝ What is our purpose for playing music? We are constantly asking ourselves that question. The answer can change all the time, but for right now we are just going to stick with something as simple as “we want to make people think.”

My life is a constant battle between


wanting to be thin and wanting to be strong af

wanting to be in a relationship and wanting to be left alone

wanting to buy things and wanting to be financially secure

wanting to be adventurous and wanting to have a set life plan